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Although most canine births do not require assistance, different problems can occur which might require surgery to save the bitch and the puppies. New Mexico Repro at Los Lunas Animal Clinic provides emergency cesarean sections 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not provide emergency services for any other small animal problems. As a center for reproduction we will help deliver your puppies no matter the time or the circumstances.

Since we perform a large number of c-sections we have developed a streamlined, highly efficient and safe protocol for performing this surgery. Through consultation with veterinary and human anesthesiologists, we have selected drugs which provide excellent anesthesia for the bitch and help ensure that the puppies are born in good condition. All bitches are medicated with heart stabilizing drugs to help maintain breathing and blood pressure in both the bitch and the new puppies. A cortico-steroid is given to help the fetal lungs clear during revival. Other drugs may be given individual puppies that require them by our experienced puppy reviving crew. This maximizes the number of puppies that survive.

Once surgery is underway, our emphasis is on safe and effective drugs for both the bitch and the puppies. During surgery IV fluids are given to enhance the bitches and the puppies circulation. The dam is intubated and given a mix of oxygen and the ultra safe, short acting anesthetic gas, Sevoflurane. The Sevoflorane provides excellent anesthesia and pain relief to minimize stress yet is rapidly removed from the system. This protocol results in puppies being delivered with almost no anesthetic present and in need of minimal medications for rapid and easy revival.

Other anesthetic protocols which use only injectable anesthesia or sedatives are risky for your bitch and her puppies. Complications from these protocols include vomiting and regurgitation potentially causing pneumonia in the bitch and heavy respiratory depression which may deprive the bitch and puppies of adequate oxygen resulting in organ damage or rare circumstances death. We strongly discourage the use of pure injectable anesthesia for these reasons. Our patients are treated just as if they were our own dogs and safety is always paramount.

If you think you might have future need of our cesarean services ask the doctor or veterinary technician for details on how to schedule surgery or to how to get in touch with us in an emergency. Cesareans typically cost $500-900 during regular hours depending on the size of dog, number of puppies and other variables. After hours, the fees jump up to $1000-1500. To avoid emergency charges and to determine the optimal whelping time, have your bitch’s progesterone tested, in house, on our Mini-Vidas machine 1-3 days prior to the anticipated whelp date. Our blood progesterone results are available in 1-2 hours, so we can tell you when she is truly ready to whelp. This can save hundreds of dollars in emergency fees and save the puppies too!

Doctors and staff at Repro New Mexico

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