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Exotic Animal Services in Los Lunas, NM

Our doctors and staff at Los Lunas Animal Clinic have years of experience in treating and caring for exotic pets. Learn more about the specific services we offer for each species below!

Pet Bird

Physical Exam: Birds have characteristic changes in feather quality when they are stressed that can be detected by a simple physical exam.

Routine Care: We recommend routine nail trims and wing clips for most birds. Did you know beak trims are no longer considered standard bird care? A bird beak is important for tactile sensing of food and has similar sensitivity as your hands.

Special Needs: Most birds can’t survive on a diet of seed alone. We can help you get your bird on a healthy diet.


Physical Exam: Your rabbit may have dental problems, which we can detect with a physical exam.

Routine Care: We recommend rabbits be spayed and neutered for better health. Routine blood work to detect common problems in the geriatric rabbit is also recommended.

Special Needs: many of the common gastrointestinal and dental problems can be avoided with a diet of mostly high-quality hay, such as; Timothy supplemented with a small number of pellets and fresh vegetables. We can help with the details.

Rodents & Pocket Pets

Routine Care: Pocket pets are fun and easy to care for. We can assist you with the details of care requirements.

Special Needs: Did you know Guinea pigs have an absolute supplemental requirement for vitamin C. We can advise you on a healthy diet for all your pocket pets.

Iguanas & Other Lizards

Physical Exam: Veterinarians can detect common problems in iguanas and other lizards with a simple physical exam and common diagnostic tools.

Routine Care: Let us help you with husbandry. We can direct you toward resources for housing, humidity, temperature, and light requirements for your lizard.

Special Needs: Your iguana should be vividly colored. If not it may be a dietary problem. Please consult us for suggestions.

Turtles & Tortoises

Special Needs: Most common problems in cheloneans are husbandry-related. Turtle and tortoise species vary in their water, food, and housing requirements. Let us advise you on suitable conditions for your pet.

Pet Fowl

Physical Exam: If you have pet chickens or geese that are not intended for food, we can look at them when they are sick in the same way we look at your dogs and cats.

Routine Care: If your pet fowl keeps escaping, then we can help with a routine procedure called pinioning that will permanently prevent flight.

Special Needs: We will not laugh; we know Clucky is as much a member of the family as Fido.


Physical Exam: We recommend a yearly physical exam for your ferret to detect common problems. Often we can help if these problems are detected early enough.

Routine Care: Ferrets should be vaccinated for distemper and rabies every year, and you are welcome to wait in the lobby for 15 to 20 minutes post-vaccine in case of allergic reactions. Yearly blood tests can be done to screen for common problems at this time.

Special Needs: We are experienced in ferret insulinoma and adrenal gland surgery.

Sugar Glider

Routine Care: We are experienced with spaying and neutering these small marsupials.

Special Needs: We can counsel you on the habits, proper housing, and diet for this often difficult to care for pet.


Special Needs: Each individual species of snake has specific husbandry requirements. We can help you care for your pet.

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