Los Lunas Animal Clinic

Equine Surgery Center

Equine Surgery Center in Los Lunas

Our state-of-the-art equine surgery center at Los Lunas Animal Clinic has proved to be a much-needed contribution to our community. This facility along with the new advanced high-tech equipment provides our doctors with the ability to perform many much-needed equine surgical procedures for horse owners.

The center has two adjustable sets of indoor stocks for any minor surgical procedure. A large padded recovery stall, an equine hoist or safe mobility, and a separate surgical suite, all custom-built for cleanliness and efficiency. All equipment accommodates draft horses down to miniatures.

We have the highest quality gas anesthesia called Sevoflurane. Our anesthesia equipment includes an Equine Ventilator, ECG, Invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry & Demand Valve. Our center has an (ICU), Indoor Intensive Care Unit for critically ill patients, such as foals and colics.

Common Equine Surgeries

  • Bladder Stones
  • Hernia Repair
Artificial Insemination Services
  • Cryptorchids-all types
  • Penile Masses/Amputations
  • Ovariectomies
  • Hip Hoisting for Dystocia
  • Cesarean Sections
  • Third Degree Vaginal Tears
  • Urine Pooling
  • Fetotomy
  • Laryngeal Hemiplegia
  • Endoscopy and all Tracheal Procedures
  • Forsalls- for Wind Sucking
  • Sinus Surgeries
  • Hoof Wall Repairs/Resections
  • Tendon Surgeries- many types
  • Periosteal Stripping/Stapling
  • Severe Wound Repairs/Casting/Reconstructive
  • Surgery
  • Splint Removals
  • Enucleations/Prosthesis/Cataract Removal
  • Molar Extractions and Severe Dental Problems
  • Corneal Lacerations/Conjunctival Flaps
  • Mandibular or Maxillary Fractures
  • Dentigerous Cysts/Atheromas

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