BSE – Breeding Soundness Exams

Using a subfertile bull may lead to longer calving intervals, a lower number of calves produced and increased costs from wintering over open females. All of these results cause serious economic loss to the cow-calf producer (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Factsheet 410/20 Beef Bull Fertility).

Los Lunas Animal Clinic doctors perform bull fertility exams at your ranch. We have an experienced team of professionals who can come to you and meet your fertility program needs. We customize your results to the breadth and depth required by your fertility program.

We use a Pulsator electroejaculator and a digital microscope so you can view each bull’s semen as we evaluate. We can help you make decisions on which bulls to continue as we test. More comprehensive written reports are available if desired.

Trich testing (for trichomoniasis) is also available and recommended at the time of evaluation.

Call to arrange for an appointment or to ask about volume pricing. References are available.