Breed Your Bitch at Repro NM

We offer a full spectrum of services to assist in dog breeding. The following sequence of testing will ensure optimal results and aid in providing a large and healthy litter.

  1. Pre-Breeding Exam – Comprehensive exam with a strong focus on reproduction.
  2. Vaginal Cytology or Vaginal exam, when indicated.
  3. Initial Progesterone Level, address any thyroid issues which may be present.

In some cases;

  • Fertility enhancing vitamins, ie. CF Plus from ICSB
  • Brucellosis Testing
  • Vaginal Culture may be recommend, antibiotics may be indicated

Proper scheduling of Progesterone Testing, Vaginal Cytology and Lutenizing Hormone can establish the optimal breeding time. Although testing can increase the financial output, the lack of testing often leads to poor results, smaller litters or even missed breedings.

Breeders Options

  • Live Cover, with or without assistance, on site AI assistance
  • Insemination with fresh chilled or frozen semen
  • Insemination can be performed by:
    (a) Standard vaginal delivery
    (b) Trans cervical emplacement
    (c) Surgical emplacement

Post Breeding

We recommend that your dog receives an ultrasound at 28 to 32 days of gestation to determine pregnancy and viability of fetuses. Additionally, a radiograph should be performed at 55 to 60 days in order to count the puppies and it may also assist us in determining if a cesarean is necessary.

We are available to perform a cesarean 24 hours a day 7 days a week, when prior arrangements are discussed . The above recommended schedule of hormone testing will frequently enable us to schedule an elective C-Section at the optimal time, if your dog requires it. Our advanced techniques and experience help maximize puppy survival.

We wish you great success in your breeding venture.

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